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In color correction suites they have these cool scopes and mini monitors that look like something you’d find in a vintage submarine. Usually the patterns that appear on them are indiscernible, but if an image, particularly a face, is clear and contrasty enough a ghostly visage will emerge. Here is such an image appearing in the RGB parade on the waveform monitor of the Book 3 villain.


Photos taken by Toshiyasu Morita
At the NorCal gathering spring.

Cosplayer: lava-alley or Peteykins (Demetria)

Cosplaying as: Marvel’s Kamala Khan the new Ms.Marvel

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Fans have had the option of getting a digital SHIELD ID badge from the official Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. website at www.agentsofshield.com/getyourbadge since September. But now, thanks to Captain America: The Winter Soldier and CafePress, you can get a physical ID badge to carry with you. Your… … Read More

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Me and my dad were walking around his old school and when I saw it, I jokingly asked if he knew the archbishop . Turns out he did. I guess if you stick around a place long enough, you get to the top :P



Paul Bettany on Jimmy Kimmel Live

I’ve been in love with Paul Bettany for over ten years. In high school I had a custom rubber band bracelet that said “I love Paul Bettany”, I was awkward as hell.