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Hey, my name is Sal. I mostly reblog stuff, but I do occasionally post original content from time to time. Mostly bits of my life. Ask if you want to ask. :) My 3DS Friend Code is 4957-4011-3682 if you want to play!
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Let me hump your leg

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No matter what mistakes you make or bumps in the road you come across, you are not a failure. Don’t forget that. >v<

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1) Leonard Hofstadter & Sheldon Cooper by Vlad Rodriguez on Tumblr

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9) Doctor Octopus by Kaare Andrews 

10) Doctor Doom by Glenn Fabry

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Netflix has reached an agreement with three cable companies that, for the first time, will let U.S. subscribers watch the streaming video service as though it were an ordinary cable channel.

The deal will add Netflix as an app to certain set-top boxes nationwide on RCN, Grande Communications and Atlantic Broadband. It gives subscribers of those companies the ability to watch all the same Netflix content they would otherwise be able to get on their PCs, tablets and phones. Altogether, the agreement covers as many as 500,000 of the cable firms’ existing subscribers — though that figure could grow as more customers sign up for the offering.

The offer is limited to those who are both a customer of the three cable companies and a subscriber to Netflix.

But I’m still tired from the flight I might fall asleep, and I have a load of chores to do tomorrow, like go and get groceries.

Why does my bed have to be so comfy…


Your Apple headphone comes with three buttons. Volume up ( ), volume down (-) and centre button between and – buttons. Now here are things that you can do with these buttons.

This might be elementary to some. That said, I had forgotten a few of these and learned a couple of new ones.

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I had no idea about the camera function.

Turns out it’s the motto of my dad’s old school in Pakistan. Now I really want to get it.